UVCE Payana - 100 and Beyond

June 30 - July 1, 2018
Ambedkar Bhavan

More than 600 alumni gathered to celebrate the Centenary Celebrations of UVCE which was organized by few like-minded alumni. You can watch videos of the entire event, know more details

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Avalokana - Centenary Souvenirs




UVCE has a very long legacy and has witnessed some amazing stories and moments in history. The interminable challenge of not being able to capture the rare occasions and moments is addressed by these two volumes

Avalokana-1              Avalokana-2
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Scholarships to Students

UVCE Foundation,
VisionUVCE & Others

Around 300+ students receive Scholarships worth of more than 35Lakh in 2018-19. Year on year the number of Scholarships awarded has increased, thanks to the alumni fraternity.


Sampada - Your Window to UVCE


10 Long

112 Monthly

Sampada - has been a documentation of the past and present stories of UVCE so that the legacy is known to everyone along with different perspectives and achievements of UVCEians View All Editions

5K Centenary Marathon

April 3rd,2017
UVCE - Cubbon Park

More than 800 participants – senior alumni, faculty, current students – everyone started the run from the College to Cubbon Park and returned back to college


UVCE MegaReunion


Jan 2-3, 2011
Palace Grounds

The MegaReunion event, a two day extravaganza, saw 2000 UVCEians meet their old flock with joy, sharing their ever impressive golden days, their escapades in retrograde, the joy of meeting their loved ones after decades, the happiness to recount those stories, fun facts and most importantly, to give back to their alma mater.

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