Online Registration Options

The online registration process is ready (NEFT/ 3rd Party Payment Gateway) and you can become a member without moving out of your safety net. If you wish to make Group Registrations, please reach out to us. We will collect the details of all the people whom you have paid the membership fee for from our end.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: If there is any issue while the payment of the registration, we assure you that we will work towards resolving it asap. However, if there is a Cancellation/Refund scenario, we will need a minimum of 10-12 working days to return the amount (*Conditions Apply).

What are the options to become member of UVCEGA?

Every UVCE graduate (UG/PG/PhD) is welcome to become a member of the Association. We invite everyone to help us reach maximum alumni who are interested to build the community. We are working on various channels and make the entire process as simple as possible for people intersted to become members.

  • Fill the Application Form (online/physical copy) and submit it
  • Pay the membership & admission fee of Rs.600/- (online/cheque preferably)
  • If you have done online payment, you will receive a verification mail
  • Receive the Provisional Membership with all access except voting after verification
  • Submit the form with your signature and receive the permanent Membership ID